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Knowledge expand her mind and change the way she live

sugeeta deviSugeeta Devi is married to Dharmendra Kumar and is blessed with 2 sons and 1 daughter. She lives in village Sheakpura of Lotaniya Gram Panchayat. Her husband is a daily wage laborer who seldom gets work in the village. Since not much livelihood options are there in the village so he has to migrate to nearby places for 2-3 months to meet his family’s basic needs. Sugeeta and her husband both are illiterate but they want to educate their children and give them a better life.

She was approached by SSK field staff, Mrs. Lilawati during one of the field interventions. She participated in various rounds of mahila meetings. She was unaware about the diseases that are caused by usage of dirty clothes and unhygienic practices during menstruation.  She started paying attention to all these. She encouraged other women too to attend the meetings and motivated them to use Urmi sanitary napkins.

Earlier she used to stay at home & do household chores or take some rest. She found her life very monotonous without any ambition. After getting connected with the project Urmi she expressed her desire to start Urmi Vikray Kendra. She wants to make others know the importance and effects of MHM.