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Spreading the awareness of sanitary pads among her family and relatives

Urmila DeviUrmi Devi is a resident of Kagi Bigha village, Baniya Dih Barahi G.P. She is a 45 year old woman who lives in a family of 10 members. She is a housewife and sometimes helps her family in doing farming which is the major source of living for them.

During field interventions, the Panchayat Sakhi visited her house and introduced herself. Initially she was too shy to talk over the issue of menstruation. She used to say that she has grown old and the issue is of not much of importance to her. But with continuous efforts, the Panchayat Sakhi was successful in inviting her to one of the Mahila samuh meetings. She was reluctant in the starting. As the meeting progressed she stated becoming curious about the issue and expressed her presence in next meetings. After this, she was a regular participant in similar awareness meetings and campaigns. Later upon asking her in one of the meetings, she said that she was using clothes because of which she experienced problems like stomach ache and itching. The Panchayat Sakhi handed her a free sample and told her to use it and share her experience. In the next meeting she shared with everyone that she has experienced comfort and convenient. It was very easy to useand got relieved from stomach ache and itching. It is discovered that even after understanding the importance of using a sanitary napkin elderly women restrict themselves with clothes of otheralternatives. They say that they do not want to spend money on buying it, have become habitual of using clothes and switching the habit would not be of any use now. Urmila Devi is one such example who chose Urmi sanitary napkins and has been using it from past 1.5 years. She burns them after using. She is also spreading the awareness among her family and relatives bysending packets of Urmi sanitary napkins in bulk to them. They all are happy with the product and appreciate the project’s intervention.