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Case Study

Agriculture techniques helps him to increase the quality crop

3csName : Rajendra Yadav | Age : 60 yrs 
Educational qualification : 10 th pass
Rajendra took the agriculture training in 2017 . He told us that the training has benefited him a lot. He learnt the agriculture technique in the training and now using that knowledge at his field.

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How skill training help in the treatment of her son.

2csName : Parvati Devi | Husband's name : Pramod Mukhiya 
Age :25yrs | Children : 04 | Village : Baghwa, Saharsa 

Earning per month from sewing as a source of livelihood : 500-800Rs. Parvati is not educated and even don't have a strong economic background. She is being benefited from the Sewing training (Life skill enhancement).

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Training helps to promote employability...

1Name :Shantanu Mukhiya | Age : 20 yrs 
Village : Baghwa , Saharsa
Shantanu took the training of Sales and marketing from Sahbhagi Shikshan Kendra, Lucknow in September 2017. He shared that the training was beneficial for him. He owns a shop at Ghandol Chowk in Saharsa.

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