Sahbhagi Shikshan Kendra

Empowering Minds for Changes


Kadam Badhate Chalo (KBC) - A Youth Led Initiative

1. Period

1st March 2016 to 28 February 2017

2. Purpose and Activities

  1. A sensitized and ready to act group of about 50 young men and women (14-25 Years age group) from targeted population (Duration: 3-4 Months)
  2. Sensitized and mobilized community, raising demands and creating its own community structures to act against VAW (Duration 4-6 Months)
  3. Local institutions identify nodal officers/structures to continuously coordinate with the community on VAW and also timely address the demands raised by the community by providing required services (Duration: 3-4 Months)

3. Specific Activities of the Partner Organization as per the Assignment

Phase I – Youth for Equality

  1. Mapping of existing youth groups from the community (Ward, Panchayats)
  2. Identification of interested youths/groups, their sensitization and awareness generation through participatory processes such as film show, discussions and FGDs
  3. Public Commitments to always act against VAW: Shapath Patras on KBC Foot Prints by Youths
  4. Group identity: name, profile building of the group
  5. Engaging the youths through sports to break barriers, to strengthen cohesion and also to inculcate sports-person-ship for acting against VAW
  6. Capacity Building Participatory Training of core group on issues and tools in VAW, including Participatory Safety Audit
  7. Co-planning for Community mobilization with Core group

Phase II – Catalyzed Community

  1. KBC Young Leaders interface with their community through discussions and use of audio-visual materials on KBC
  2. Young leaders should identify and use community volunteers, local media, social media key community institutions and individuals to undertake a sensitization campaign on KBC
  3. Organizing community level sports to: highlight issues on VAW, scale-up campaign and broaden supports from more community volunteers
  4. Young leaders undertake Participatory Safety Audit (PSA) in the community and institutions such as schools, colleges, universities etc.
  5. On the basis of result of PSA, Young leaders should plan some concrete steps for addressing issues raised by the PSA
  6. The results of PSA to be shared in public event presided by the head of Ward/Panchayat. Invite local officials for such sharing. Once community level discussions peak up youth group should share the tentative plan to get feedback from the community. Efforts should be made prepare an action plan for community response on VAW.
  7. Community level structures should be created to follow-up on the action plan

Phase III – Responsive and Accountable Institutions

  1. Youth Leaders share results of PSA and revised community plan with related institutions such as Panchayat/Municipal Council, Collectorate, Schools/Colleges, Police, Legal-Aid cells, Local Media, etc.
  2. Identify the structures and officials inside these institutions who could be more responsive
  3. Suggest institutions to form their own internal committees (Monitoring, Complaints or Gender sensitive) to address issues inside the institutions and also address the demands by community
  4. Responses from every institution is recorded and shared in a multi-stakeholder meeting comprising heads/authorized representatives of all institutions. Institution level structures and action plans are finalized.
  5. Widely Share the action plan and emerging plan of Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue.
  6. Youth should prepare their own action plan to follow-up on the plans prepared by the institutions.
  7. Preparation of long term action plan by Youth Group to sustain the gains above.

PRIA will provide time to time value adding technical support to the KBC. The support may include, guidance, capacity building of youth groups, sports camps and documentation.

4. Key Outputs/Deliverables

Deliverables Timeline
Phase I – Youth for Equality Phase II – Catalyzed Community Phase III – Responsive and Accountable Institutions March 2016 to May 2016 June to Oct 2016 Nov 2016 to Feb 2017