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Mission UP – Integrated Village Development Initiative

mission up

1. Project Name and Introduction

Mission UP  – Integrated Village Development Initiative in Support of HDFC Bank

The goal of the project is To improve the condition of the people residing in the targeted village through a systematic effort focusing on different aspect of development related to empowerment (social, educational and financial), heath and infrastructure.

2. Duration

The project was initiated in the month of July 2016, in 20 villages of Varanasi. These villages were identified on the basis of lack of all round development and other parameters that are inclusive in the project to be incorporated in a span of three Years to make them Model Villages.

3. Objective

The objective of the project is to develop a model village by working on all dimensions of development like health, education, WASH, Livelihood etc and influence Government policy on village development.

The project activities will comprise of awareness programme, campaign, community meeting, training programmes, exposure visit, capacity building, infrastructure development etc. The activities will be centric to few major themes. Below is the list of themes with their set of planned activities for this year:

I. Education
II. School toilet and wash
III. Health
IV. Natural resource management
V. Household sanitation
VI. Livelihood enhancement and skill development
VII. Youth Development
VIII. Establishment of village information centre
IX. Hand pump management
X. Animator training

4. Target Group

The impact of this project would be on approximately 75,000 people of the population. This impact would be both direct as well as indirect.

5. Key Components

For the following project we have planned the implementation process though various themes and activities. Every theme has its own set of steps and activities to be followed to achieve the desirable. Themes for the current year are as follows:

Theme I – Education

  • School Chalo - We would also be doing certain activities like School Bag Distribution, Street play, Mobile Rath and Rally, Wall Painting and Development of IECs on RTE, Functions of School Management Committee will also be carried out.
  • Strengthening of School Management Committee
  • Community Library cum coaching Centre

Theme II – School Toilet and WASH

  • WASH Campaign to be organized through WASH Kit Distribution, Street play, Mobile Rath and Rally

Theme III – Health

  • Health Campaign
  • Promoting Safe Pregnancy and decrease the rate of IMR AND MMR.

Theme IV – Natural Resource Management

  • Biogas Awareness program and Distribution of Smokeless Chulha.

Theme V – Household and Sanitation

  • Campaign for toilet construction

Theme VI - Livelihood enhancement and skill development

  • Goat Management training
  • Training on SRI cultivation
  • Training on compost making
  • Training on kitchen gardening for women
  • Formation and Capacity building of women collectives
  • Other   Activities
  • Hand pump repairing and management
  • Youth Development
  • Establishment of Village Information centre
  • Training Programme for animators

6. Key Outputs

The project plan to accomplish Integrated village development focusing on all the key parameters like health, education, livelihood, women empowerment, skill building WASH etc to improve the living condition of the people of targeted village. This Holistic development approach of villages will serve as a model which can be replicated in different villages and boost the development speed and change the scenario of the backward regions.

The project will lead to:

  • Better educational scenario in the target areas. People will be sensitized about the importance of quality education. Community will be engaged in ensuring and monitoring govt school functioning.
  • Awareness related to health and hygiene will improve. The area will see lesser number of health issues post intervention.
  • Livelihood in the region will improve as people will look alternative forms of income. Involvement of women in economic activities will also improve.
  • Positive impact on youth employability will be seen.
  • Other indicators of development will also improve over the time

7. Funder

hdfc bankCSR Activity of HDFC Bank


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