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Functional Literacy for Dignity and Entitlement

Bridge Asia Programme

The Bridge Asia project has successfully implemented in Varanasi from 2014 to 2017.  In the year 2017 SSK has re launched this project inn Sitapur titled Functional Literacy for dignity and entitlement. With this view in mind the project indicators were designed to observe changes in the social and cognitive spheres in the context of empowerment and participation in society of the women involved.

Project background

Uttar Pradesh is one of the populous state of India with highest no. of districts. Sitapur is a neighboring district of Lucknow, capital of Uttar Pradesh and is considered as one of the backward and underdeveloped district. Khairabad is one of its blocks having 66 gram panchayat constitute the majority population of SC and Muslim (marginalized) community. The Population of Khairabad block is 48,538 out of which 25.325 are males while 23,213 are females. The average female literacy rate is 50% as per report release by census of India 2011.

The need of the Functional Literacy program in Sitapur district was precisely a necessity to improve the situation of women belongs to the marginalized communities. The area is highly impacted with the problem of migration which result the overall sustainability of left behind families of the migrants. The place was observed with lots of issues suppressing the development of women. This course is helping them to upgrade their socio economic condition and decision making power.

Objective of the project

  • To enhance literacy capability of illiterate rural women from marginalised community.
  • To increase social participation of marginalised women through life skill education.
  • To create an enabling environment for girl child education through mass level campaign and mobilization.
  • To increase awareness of rural women on their rights and entitlement through orientation sessions.


  • Basic Literacy
  • Life skill education
  • Learning through exposures.

Strategies and approaches

  • Rapid Assessment Exercise

This Process helped in identification and mobilization of women learners and educators who will responsible to lead the process as "Change Agent"

  • Functional Literacy Centre

Functional Literacy centre is operating at community level. These centres will follow all literacy curriculum and orientation sessions for adult educators

  • Basic Literacy and life skill sessions

These sessions are enabling and develop abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour to deal with demands and challenges of everyday life moreover understand their role and responsibility as aware and informed citizen.

  • Sensitization of rural women on their rights and entitlement

This session give information to the women on their fundamental rights and entitlement. It helps in encouraging them to access Government related services and schemes

  • Promoting girl child education by involving male family members of the families through orientation programs.
  • Quarterly session with male member of enrolled learners
  • Organize Campaign on the theme of women empowerment.
  • Rewarding ceremony to male family members.

Activities so far

Capacity building of Change agents Adult women learning together
Connecting with future through digital literacy Visited Community Health Centre for exposure
Orientation of male members on girl child education Celebrating International Literacy Day