Sahbhagi Shikshan Kendra

Empowering Minds for Changes




Migration is one of the most complex components of population change. It is a movement of people from one place to other usually across political boundaries for taking up permanent or semi permanent resident aiming to get better economic opportunities.

SSK also indentified that migration is one burning issue which needs critical intervention, It strive to promote safe migration and follows a holistic approach to work on these issues. Intervention Framework includes a strategy where SSK works at both source (origin of migrants) and destination (working place of migrants) end.

With the help of Tata Trust, SSK is working in migration issues for long time in Sitapur and Ghaziabad district of Uttar Pradesh. The organization is in a process of developing a replicable model project for other civil society bodies as few work been took place in these issues.

In future SSK has desire to work more intensively on the issue of migration with a larger population and geographical location. SSK values the positive effect of migration and promote safe migration.