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Reducing Vulnerability of Migrants

Project Title

Reducing Vulnerability of Migrants at Source and Destination with Due Focus on Their Rights, Entitlements and Access to Services


Sitapur being one of the most poverty stricken districts of Uttar Pradesh, devoid of any employment opportunity for less development work accentuated with poor MNREGA implementation by Panchyati Raj Institutions (PRI) has forced poor people migrate from their native place in search of employment and save their livelihood. For more no of landless, usually they migrate for years and visit their home only to spend some time with their family. Lack of industrial development and low agriculture productivity has led to unemployment and poverty in region. As far as industries are concerned carpet weaving and chikan embroidery are the prevalent in the area, in which most of the population from Muslim community particularly women engage themselves. The rate of migration in the area is quiet high particularly during lean agricultural period.

Overall Programme Goal and Objectives

Improved social and economic status of migrants and migrants’ families with equal opportunity to rights and entitlements as well as enhanced ability to raise demand for social security.

Project Objectives

  • To build capacities of migrants through vocational training and placement assistance
  • To sensitize migrants towards social, economic and legal rights at source and destination end
  • To sensitize Panchayats and Urban local bodies towards rights of migrants and their families as well as take action towards building legitimate identity of the migrants
  • Building and strengthening collectives of migrant families at source level for social security and enhanced access to goods and services
  • Building and strengthening trade based collectives of migrant at destination for social security and protecting rights of migrants.

Area of Implementation

At source level: Sitapur district

2 blocks (Khairabad (40 GPs) and Parsendi (20 GPs)

At Destination level: Ghaziabad

5 labour Chowks (intensively) with 2 sub centers, one in Panchsheel colony and other in Nandgram

  1. Registration and ID card
  2. Vocational Training and Placement
  3. Legal Counseling and Support
  4. Strategic linkages with PRIs and Urban local bodies for access to services
  5. Building Collectives (trade based/ women)
  6. Insurance and Financial Inclusion

Programme Duration

Three Years

Supported by SDTT- JTT