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Strengthening of Flood Resilience of Communities

Project Title

Strengthening of Flood Resilience of Communities on Vulnerable Areas in Bahraich and Barabanki Districts in UP, India and Bardiya District, Nepal


Malteser International and SSK are establishing a partnership within the scope of the project supported by the BMZ. The principal objective of the project is to strengthen resilience capacity of 25,500 vulnerable people affected by the Ghaghara river in India. The specific objective of the project is to improve water supply and hygienic conditions especially during flooding for flood-prone people in Bahraich and Barabanki Districts of Uttar Pradesh, India.

The envisaged results of the project are:

  • Result 1: 5,061 households in Bahraich and Barabanki, UP, India, will have access safe water throughout the year especially during flooding
  • Result 2: Strengthen resilience capacity of flood affected people by improving their livelihoods opportunities
  • Result 3: Strengthening local leadership, through motivating and promoting citizen leaders and strengthening local governance institutions through better planning process, so that, the WASH and livelihood issues of flood effected families are incorporated in local development plan
  • Result 4: Cross-border exchanges will be undertaken to mutually strengthen project activities and share information and experiences on both sides of the border

Major Activities Proposed

  • Construction of 30 raised hand pumps in the project hamlets
  • Empowering Community through awareness and knowledge building for Hygiene Behaviour Change through Individual household consultations and group meetings in the communities and schools
  • Campaigns and Kiosks
  • Hoardings and wall writing
  • Street play and puppet shows
  • IEC material publication and distribution
  • Preparing an Educational Video film on WASH, for advocacy purpose
  • Training of school children’s on sanitation and other hygiene behaviour

Duration of the Project

Duration of the project shall be: November 01 2012 to October 31 2014 (24 months)

Target Group

In India the target groups consist of vulnerable communities living in flood prone areas of the river basin. 25,500 people (5,061 families in 112 Hamlets), living in 15 revenue villages inside embankments of Ghaghara river in India, are the target group for this project.

Total number of direct beneficiaries is 25,500 persons. The population is particularly disadvantaged and vulnerable with a high proportion of low caste population, elderly, handicapped and families living below the poverty line.