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PRAYAG Project


1. Project Name and Introduction

PRAYAG (Providing Grassroot Advancement to Youths Aspiring Growth)

PRAYAG is a joint initiative of Reliance Communication (under its CSR initiative) and Sahbhagi Shikshan Trust. PRAYAG is an initiative that has made an attempt to fill the growing employability gap among the youth owing to the visible lack of skill sets predominant in the country.

2. Duration

The project started initially for a year, but with the success achieved in first year it was continued in the second year as well. Last batch number 21 commenced on March 2016.

3. Objective

  • Identify youths for the training, who are ready to work straight away, but have minimal education.
  • Train these youth in Employability enhancement.
  • Ready a workforce for the employment.
  • To bring these youths in mainstream by providing equal opportunities.

4. Target Groups

Direct beneficiaries of PRAYAG were the students that cleared the course and either got placed in a job or started their own entrepreneurship. Few students were also those who did this course to excel and help themselves in their college or chose their professional line accordingly. Such direct beneficiaries are 595 and indirect beneficiaries are the families from which these students belonged. Approximate 500 households.

5. Key Components

The important components we have incorporated in this training are picked very carefully, which will help these students further in their professional and economical growth. The whole training is based on the principle of adult and participatory learning. It focuses on the philosophy of learning by doing. For this lot of activities, games and group exercises are included. We also use Simulation exercises and mock to make them understand the things better. Course content is designed in such a way, that participants at the end of the training are not only equipped with technical information, but are also well aware about their rights and are groomed as aware citizens.

  1. Enhancing communication skills
  2. Etiquettes and proper dressing
  3. Basic computer skills
  4. Official letter writing
  5. Personality development
  6. Team building
  7. Time management
  8. Motivation
  9. Interview skills
  10. Resume building
  11. Basic computer skills
  12. Presentation and public speaking skills (align with current market requirements)
  13. Career orientation and market overview (current scenario)

6. Key Outputs

Major achievement of the program can be assessed by the number of students getting placed in a job. After every batch, we try to mange interviews for the students. The number is not high but through every batch almost 20% to 25% students get placed. After the end of this year we conducted a job Fair in which 7 companies participated. Total students registered were 198 out of which 107 were shortlisted for second round of interview.

Second way to assess these outputs are more indirect ones, like the way the students came out all well groomed and full of positive confidence and energy to take charge of their lives in future.

7. Funder

relianceReliance Communications



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