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Sr. No.
Book's Name
Fundamentals of Computer
This book is meant for the beginners who have started learning Computers. Its course content is designed in such a way that it covers all the basic fundamentals of Computer.
Rs 150/- Only
Uttar Pradesh Janhit Guarantee Adhiniyam - 2011   Rs 35/- Only

Panchayato Ka Chunav - 2010
  Rs 60/- Only
Right to Education   Rs 50/- Only
Training Module on Early Warning
(in Hindi)
Training Module for the training of task forces of Community Based Disaster Management Committees
Rs 400/- Only  
Training Module on Search & Rescue
(in Hindi)
Training Module for the training of task forces of Community Based Disaster Management Committees
Rs 400/- Only
Training Module on First Aid
(in Hindi)
Training Module for the training of task forces of Community Based Disaster Management Committees
Rs 400/- Only
Training Module on Water Sanitation & Hygiene
(in Hindi)
Training Module for the training of task forces of Community Based Disaster Management Committees
Rs 400/- Only
Training Module on Social Inclusion
(Available in English & Hindi)
Training Module for the training of task forces of Community Based Disaster Management Committees
Rs 400/- Only
Set : Rs.2000/- Only
Samooh Nirman Evam Prabandhan
Group Formation and Management
This booklet is an improved and updated version on formation and management of SHGs
Rs 100/- Only
P.R.A. Evam Sukshma Stariya Niyojan
(P.R.A. and Micro planning)
This manual explains the various methods/techniques of Participatory Rural Appraisal and using the findings to develop a micro plan for the said area.
Rs 65/- Only
Sukshma Stariya Niyojan
This is a detailed step-by-step guidebook to develop a micro-plan.
Rs 45/- Only
Swachik Sangathno Ke Liye Vittiya Prabandh Vyavastha
(Financial Management for Voluntary Organisation)
This is a continuation for the previous publication regarding the arrangement of financial management for CSOs
Rs 50/- Only
Matdata Jagrukta Abhiyaan Margdarshika- Part 1   Rs 50/- Only
Matdata Jagrukta Abhiyaan Margdarshika- Part 2   Rs 40/- Only 
Swachik Sangathno Mein Lekhankan Evam Vittiya Prabandhan
(Financial Management in Voluntary Organisation)
This manual is for Accountants and Heads of Voluntary Organisation to understand the accounting procedures and the statutory requirements for CSOs.
Rs 200/- Only
Swayam Sahayta Samuh Nirman Evam Prabandhan
(Formation and Management of Self Help Groups)
This booklet outlines the formation and subsequent managerial components of Self Help Groups. the most cost-effective credit delivery mechanism practiced by a number of CBOs.
Rs 80/- Only
Prabhavi Sanchar (Effective Communication)
This booklet provides examples of making communication more effective so that communication gaps which can hamper any activity may the avoided.
Rs 25/- Only
Sahbhagi Prashikshan Ka Paripreksha- Darshan Va Sidhant Part-1
(Perspective of Participatory Training – Meaning and Principles)
This book aims to provide a clear perspective regarding the principles of participatory to make it more effective.
Rs 75/- Only
Prashikshan Karykarm ki Rooprekha Banana Part-2
(Designing a Training Program)
This guide provides tips and examples of designing training program regarding time-table, modules, sessions, etc. as a continuation of part.
Rs 75/- Only
Sahbhagi Prasikshan ke Vibhinna Padhatiya Part-3
(Different processes of participatory training)
Participatory Training differs with different subjects.Hence this book outlines the different processes that can be adapted to suit the subject matter in making the training participatory in nature.
Rs 75/-Only
Prashikshah Ka Swayam Evam Vyaktitava Viakas Part-4
(Self Development of the Trainer)
This learning material emphasises the importance of self analysis of trainers/ facilities and developing themselves as effective trainer through appropriate changes in their personal make-up
Rs 75/- Only
Prashikchan Ke Sambhandh main Chote Samooh Ki Samaj Part-5 (Understanding about training among small groups)
This bulletin aims to develop understanding among small groups about the need and importance of training.
Rs 75/- Only
Prashichan Karyakaram Ka Mulyankan Va Follow-Up Part -6
(Evaluation and Follow-up of a training program)
This bulletin touches upon the importance and need of training programs to understand its efficacy and its applicability.
Rs 75/- Only
Sahbhagi Prashikchan Se Judey Mahatvpurn Mudde Part-7 (Participatory Training some important issues)
This booklet contains issue not covered in the earlier bulletins which need to be paid attention to during the pre, during, and post training periods.
Rs 75/-Only
Shaichnik Yantra (learning instrument)
This learning material describes the various instruments that can be used for better learning.
Rs 125/- Only
Chetna Geet
(Sansodhit Sanskarn)
Awareness raising songs
(Amended version)
A booklet comprises of songs sung by participants and facilitators, usually as energizers during training programs.
Rs 100/- Only
Swachik Sansthaon Ke Liye Seva Niymavali (Service Rules for Voluntary Organisation)
A take off from Service Rules developed by SSK for SSK.
Rs 40/- Only
Swachik Sanshthaon Ka Network Evam Networking Prakriya (Network and Networking of Voluntary Organisation)
Providing an understanding about Networking, its importance and its functioning.
Rs 125/- Only
Panchayti Raj Prasikshako Ka Prashikchan
(Panchayti Raj – Training of Trainers)
Learning materialsfor trainers/facilitators on the 73rd Constitutional (Amendment) Act.
Rs 70/- Only
Panchayti Raj Sashaktikaran Hetu Shamta Vikas (Sandarbh Sahitya) Capacity Building for strengthening Panchayti Raj – Resource Materials:
A collection of resource materials/literature to strengthen the PRIs through capacity building initiatives.
Rs 125/- Only
Gram Panchayto Mein Vittiya Prabhandhan Lekhankan
(Accounts and Book keeping in village Panchayats)
A simple manual for maintaining accounts and related procedure for the village panchayats.
Rs 50/- Only
Soochana Ka Adhikar
(Right To Information)
A landmark act for the utilizers aimed at raising their level of awareness and knowledge, the learning material explains what information can be obtained and where to obtain them.
Rs 25/- Only
Gair Sarkari Sangathan (Paridrishaya Ewam Adarsh)
(Non-government Organisation-Present and Ideal scenario)
A Book on present scenario of NGOs and best practices to be adopted for presenting an Ideal scenario.
Rs 100/- Only
Nai subah ki Ore
A brief learning material on PRI after 73rd constitutional Amendment.
Rs 35/- Only
Prakiriya Dastavejikaran (Processes Documentation)
This learning material suggests things to be kept in mind during carrying out process documentation of CSOs.
Rs 60/- Only
Uttar Pradesh Panchayati Raj Sanhita (Acts and Laws regarding UP Panchayati raj Act)
A compilation of different laws, codes, amendments etc. regarding the 73rd constitutional (Amendment) Act, UP
Rs 300/- Only
Nagrik-Adhikar, Maulik-Adhikar evam manavadhikar
(Citizen right, Fundamental right & human rights)
A General Knowledge on respective & rights.
Rs 40/- Only
Aiye janiye Apne Adhikar (mahilao Ke Liye Kanuni Jankari) (Come, Learn About your Right (Legal Right for Women)
A book composing legal rights of women.
Rs 25/- Only
Gender Avdharna Evam Samaj
(Gender Conception and Understanding)
Capturing the concept of "Gender" and its role in development.
Rs 125/- Only
Media Advocacy
How to promote advocacy to the concerned authorities with the help of media.
Rs 55/- Only
Suman Ki Kahani
(A story of Suman)
A Case-study on Gender Sensitivity.
Rs 120/- Only   
Panchayat Abhishasan Evam Naager Samaj   Rs 100/- Only 
Chalo Banaye Gaon Ke Vikas Ki Yojna   Rs 40/- Only 
Advocacy Margdarshika   Rs 150/- Only 
Participatory Training for Women   Rs 150/- Only 


The CDs developed by SSK are as under:

Udaan (English-Soaring High)
Theme :
A Short Film on Empowerment of Elected Women Panchayat Representative through POWER CAMPAIGN
(Available in two languages in Hindi and English)
Supported by : UNDP and Panchayati Raj Department
Duration : 21 Minutes
Cost :       Rs.100/- Only (for CD)

Chalo Sakhi Mil Ke
Theme :
Let us move forward together, friend : On Women Empowerment in PRIs.
Supported by : UNDP and Panchayati Raj Department
Duration : 45 Minutes
Cost : Rs.50/- Only (for Cassette)
         Rs.100/- Only(for CD)

Hamahu Larbe Pardhania
Theme :
On motivating women to take part in the election for Gram Pradhan
Duration : 45 Minutes
Cost : Rs.50/- Only (Audio Cassette)

Astitava (Insistence)
Theme : A summarized collection on Women's Day Celebration 2005
Duration : 13 Minutes
Cost : Rs.100/- Only (for CD)
Anukaran (Sprouting)
Theme : Voters Awareness Campaign organized before Panchayati Raj Election 2005
Duration : 20 Minutes
Cost : Rs.100/- Only (for CD)
Aahat (Panchayati Raj Mahila Sashaktikaran)
Theme : On women Employment in PRIs.
Duration : 28 Minutes
Cost : Rs.100/- Only (for CD)
Aguwai (To take the lead)
Theme : On citizen leaders. Supported by : PRIA
Duration : 16:30 Minutes
Cost : Rs.100/- Only (for CD)
Kab Tak (Nagriya Adhyan)
Theme : A study on Urban Governance
Duration :
18 Minutes
Cost : Rs.100/- Only (for CD)
Spandan (Microplanning)
Theme : On Micro Planning.
Duration : 21 Minutes
Cost : Rs.100/- Only (for CD)
Aapke Naam-Panchayati Raj ka paigaam
Cost : Rs.100/- Only (for CD) 
Paach Saal ka karo Faisla
Cost : Rs.50/- Only (Cassette)
Panchayat Mein Aa Jharke
Cost : Rs.50/- Only (Cassette)
Chalo Sakhi Milke
Cost : Rs.100/- Only(CD)
Parivartan Ke Liye
Cost :
Rs.100/- Only(CD)
English- Soaring High
Cost : Rs.100/- Only(CD)
Suno Behna
Cost : Rs.100/- Only(CD/DVD)
Muhim (available in English & Hindi)
Cost : Rs.100/- Only(CD)
Nanhe Doot (available in English & Hindi)
Cost : Rs.100/- Only(CD)
Pehel (available in English & Hindi)
Cost : Rs.100/- Only(CD)
Dhai Aakhar Part I, II
Cost : Rs.100/- Only(Cassette)