Sahbhagi Shikshan Kendra

Empowering Minds for Changes


Youth, the energies to construct a solid path for everyone

youth japla 4With an objective to dislodge the problems faced by young girls and community people a rally was organised under the KBC program at block level.
The rally followed by the interface meeting with (Mr. Shekhar Kumar)BDO and Mr. Kal Dhan Thakur (panchayat chief) where a letter of demand (Maang Patr) was given by our youths.
These youth shared their everyday hassles and not only the problems they also suggested the most convenient way to solve it. What really moved the officials were the enthusiasm and willingness of the youth to solve out their village problems. Mr. Shekhar ensures us that he will definitely go through the problems and will solve it as soon as possible, in fact he suggested the group to contribute in making their village ODF by digging pits in their homes and he will provide the financial assistance of Rs 12 thousand for toilet construction to the family.

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