Sahbhagi Shikshan Trust

A Training Center Providing Conducive Learning Environment for Participatory Learning for CSOs

ICT Department

The Information Communication Technology Unit is responsible for the maintenance and technical support of ICT facilities for consultation and training activities.

With the help of ICT Unit, Sahbhagi Shikshan Trust not only share information quickly and efficiently, but can also bring down barriers of linguistic and geographic boundaries to our all District Resource Centers (DRCs).

The Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Unit supports the training programs through following facilities:

  • 24 hours free internet facility
  • Desktop system/ Laptop available on hire basis
  • Complete wireless Wi-Fi campus
  • Printing, Xerox, calling, CD/DVD writing, online ticket booking, etc is available
  • Complete desktop or laptop with Wi-Fi connection configured is available depending​ upon the requirement

Provides technical support to internal administrative systems and community of staff through providing network and services support at our state and District Resource Centres.

Maintains website, for information dissemination and current happenings, concluded activities, developmental issues and other information related to the organization.

Contact Person

Mr. Amit Kumar Singh
Managing Coordinator
Mobile: +91-9044222255, +91-9415335178

Bookings and Reservations

Mobile: +91-9452293783



Mr. Arun Deo

Mobile: +91-9415104818