Sahbhagi Shikshan Trust

A Training Center Providing Conducive Learning Environment for Participatory Learning for CSOs



SST maintains a copious library for the last 18 years for its trainees, staff and others for better knowledge management. Thus SST contains more than 70 types of manuals that are published by SSK pertaining to different developmental issues as well as training modules which are helpful for trainings and participants. Main objective of the library is too broaden and up-scale the activities related to dissemination of learning and experiences emanating from SSK's own as well as partner organization's endeavors. The Library makes available all relevant reading materials to trainees, staff and other knowledge seeking people.

Library timings are flexible. It opens at 9.00 am in the morning and closes at 7.00 pm in the evening. The closing time is extended up to 8 o’clock during training sessions for the convenience of trainees. More than 3080 books on various issues like Participatory Research, Rural development, PRIs, Gender, Disaster Management, HIV/ AIDS, organizational development, management and Hindi / English Literatures, Information Technology, etc. are available in the library.

A collection of other organization's publication is also available in the library and it provides reference materials for research and development studies. Also many new publications are distributed free of cost to people who need it in related fields.

SST publishes its own as well as partner organization's Annual Reports, Brochures, Case Studies and activity reports on regular basis. Besides that, it also publishes posters, handbills and leaflets related to its intervention.

More than 100 types of subscribed and unsubscribed magazines, periodical newsletters and journals on various development issues like health, education, rural development and others including some international magazines are regular features of the library. More than 300 audio video CDs and cassettes are available on development issues like Education, RTI, Disaster management, Environment, etc. Motivational and informational based documentary films are also available.

Contact Person

Mr. Amit Kumar Singh
Managing Coordinator
Mobile: +91-9044222255, +91-9415335178

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Mr. Arun Deo

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